Boxes, Barrels & Rust  /  a BPH project  /  2021

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Notes:  We are all collectors of some sort: keepsakes, photos, places, events, measures of success and failure, loves lost or enduring.  This second  collaboration by James Barton, Billy Panda, and Mark Hamby (a BPH project) presents a dozen original songs not previously heard from these artists.  Their lyrical stories revolve around life’s collections, sorting through the debris, assessing lasting value, reliving moments that mattered.  This carries conceptual echoes of 1972's release, The Ship, but with markedly different musical styles and sensibilities and the perspective of age.  Boxes, Barrels & Rust continued the well-traveled remote recording and production process of The Ship's All Come Home CD and the BPH release, Down at Delmonico'sAudio clips and songwriter credits below.

Players:  James Barton, Billy Panda, Mark Hamby

Access:  On streaming services search "Boxes, Barrels & Rust, a BPH project."   For physical CDs at Amazon, enter the UPC code:  195269062842.