From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


A FAVORING WIND © 2020 Mark Hamby
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

A hint of human kindness floating in a mirror
Between a shot of Blanton’s and a cold beer
A rust-red leather jacket, zipper on the side
Funny what you notice when you’re tongue-tied

We caught a favoring wind and sailed it around an endless summer
We bought a bottle of wine that flowed like the Rhine in early spring
A fire on a distant hill, a whisper to work your will
We caught a favoring wind to take us home

A yellow Karmann Ghia, relic from the past
Waiting in the alley packed and full of gas
Miles of corn and cattle, candy bars and Cokes,
Pullin’ off in Flagstaff for a pack of smokes

We caught a favoring wind…

I didn’t know you knew me ‘til you tapped me on the shoulder
I didn’t know a flame could burn so blue
I couldn’t wait to step outside and breathe a little colder air with you

A sea of fresher faces, cocktails on the lawn
Reaching to remember where the time’s gone
Candlelight and crystal, paintings on the wall
Close your eyes to see if you can save it all

We caught a favoring wind…