Down At Delmonico's a BPH project  /  2014

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Notes:  This collaboration by James Barton, Billy Panda, and Mark Hamby (a BPH project) features six songs by Barton and seven by Hamby, all produced with Billy Panda's creative guidance and defining instrumental mojo.  Most selections were written in the 2009-13 time frame and presented here for the first time.  Like The Ship's 2010 release, All Come Home, the recording of Down At Delmonico's was a cross-country, virtual project.  All tracks were recorded and posted by the players from their respective homes to be uploaded for final mixing at Barton Voice & Sound.  A rich array of musical styles wrap around these lyrical explorations "out on the edges where our luck was learned."  Fans of The Ship's 1975 release, Tornado, will find some familiar blends here, refreshed and refined by the passage of time.   Audio clips and songwriter credits below.

Players:  James Barton, Billy Panda, Mark Hamby

Access:  On streaming services search "Down at Delmonico's, a BPH project."   For physical CDs at Amazon, enter the UPC code:  888295096300.