From the recording DOWN AT DELMONICO'S


THE ONE / © Mark Hamby
From the Down at Delmonico’s CD

I take my usual spot
And he brings me a shot of Booker’s
Try to nurse it
It’ll take the worst of it
Watching the rain coming down
'Round a streetlight on the corner
But the glow of yesterday
Has gone a thousand miles away

You were the one for me
You were the one for me

I caught a ride into town
As soon as I got your message
Just a little late
You were on the six-o-eight
Watching the planes come and go
From a diner on Highway 20
Across a salmon sky
Did all those lovers kiss goodbye

You were the one …….

I got a light by my bed
And the White Sox on the radio
They’re out in Tinseltown
Just trying to gain a little ground
What I wouldn’t give to be there
Or anywhere at all
Someplace where dreams are made
Just park the Caddy in the shade

You were the one …….