Left In The Wake  /  The Ship  /  2009

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Notes:  This CD offers the largest range of musical material and individual performances, with selections by six of the group's songwriters and participation by all nine of the musicians who played with The Ship during its years as a performing band.  Though not in strict chronological order, the selections show a progression from a folk-inspired early style toward an increasingly sophisticated mix of pop, country and rock influences.  These recordings - mostly studio demos plus a few live performance cuts - were literally "left in the wake," unreleased for over three decades.  But they are hardly leftovers, as they include some of the The Ship's strongest vocal, instrumental, and compositional work.  Audio clips and songwriter credits below.

Players:  Steve Cowan, Albert Melshenker, Todd Bradshaw, Billy Panda, Mark Hamby, James Barton, Bobby Carlin, Jeff James, Rick Frank

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