From the recording LEFT IN THE WAKE


NORTHERN STAR / © 1976 Mark Hamby
From the "Left In The Wake" CD

Northern star seems to fade more each year
Set in place at the heart of a sphere
Silver pin holds our hopes in the dark
Hard to find, trace a line from a pair on a northwestern arc

And I’d like to meet you on some cold rainy morning
On the street where I first saw you stepping out of a taxi
And I’d ask are you busy, and you’d say, “No, I’m scott free”
And we’d drive up the coast road
To a lodge I remember from long ago

Northern star keeps a watch on my right
Silent guide leads me home through the night
Running shadows with secrets to pass
Glide across all the holes in my path, wide awake to the last

And I’d like to meet you……..

That’s the best I can see
That’s the lost cause I plea
Tie me down, I give up all the light in my eyes peacefully

Northern star’s wearing thin from the task
To keep us steady was too much to ask
Northern star longs to move with the rest
Take its turn at the top of the wheel then roll on to the west

And I’d like to meet you…….