All Come Home  /  The Ship  /  2010

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Notes:  This represented The Ship's first truly new recording in 35 years.  Prompted by a reunion performance in 2008 and a live radio concert in 2009, six of the group's players embarked on an experiment in collaborative, remote recording, debuting a dozen tunes  from five different songwriters.  Most of these selections had never been heard by the other members of the group, having been composed sometime between The Ship's breakup in 1977 and its contemplation of this challenging recording project in late 2008.  Needless to say, the range of musical styles and lyrical substance is considerable.  But the vocal and instrumental blends that characterized The Ship in the 1970s can still be heard heading into the 2010s.   Audio clips and songwriter credits below.

Players:  Steve Cowan, Todd Bradshaw, Billy Panda, Mark Hamby, James Barton, Rick Frank

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