From the recording ALL COME HOME


DANCING WITH YOU / © 2010 Steve Cowan
From the All Come Home CD

The smell of acacias and sweet summer heat
Arose from your garden and into the street
The tables were set and the drinks were on ice
A night when a vodka and lime would be nice

I moved to the terrace and waited to see
All of the curious suitors to be
You made your appearance and glanced at the guys
You know I could tell by the look in your eyes

You were the belle of the evening, and I was a friend of a friend
You had your eyes on the fine boys, and I couldn’t wait for the evening to end
The band played a slow one, lights dimmed but no one gave you a reason to stay
They tried to persuade you, then something made you turn your attention my way

You were pirouetting long before the second
Dance and I was sure that I had lost the chance of
Having you before the evening was through
But when they played a waltz of lovers lost in deep
Romance, you took advantage of the circumstance
Before I knew it I was dancing with you, I was dancing with you

You were the beautiful dream girl; your good friends were suitably proud
They cast their fortunes in your world, but the music was playing a little too loud
You had expectations and old aspirations, hoping to live out your dreams
Follow the grand plan, marry a rich man; nothing’s as sure as it seems

You were pirouetting….

You know I could tell by the look in your eyes
You wanted to dance away into the night

You were pirouetting…