1. TATTOO (Frank)

From the recording ALL COME HOME


TATTOO / © 2010 Rick Frank
From the All Come Home CD

I never wanted to get a tattoo, but I got one
It’s a beautiful picture of you; it’s a hot one
It tells you everything you need to know about me
It’s in a place that’s not so easy to see
On my heart

I guess I’ve been quite a fool with my life, and I’m not done yet
I’ve been avoiding my trouble and strife, but I can’t outrun it
And now I look at what we’ve done to get where we are
I know it’s bound to leave a visible scar
On my heart

Where do we go from here tonight?
We’ve got to move toward the light
Where do we go from here tonight?

There’s still something I’d like you to see, could surprise you
No one else can really show you but me, though he tries to
It’s a place where what we want can come true
While it keeps the memories of me and you
It’s my heart, my heart