From the recording ALL COME HOME


LOOK THE SAME / © Mark Hamby
From the "All Come Home" CD

Don’t stand in the doorway, come in if you want
Let me move all this stuff off the couch
I’ve been looking for something I hope isn’t lost
I’ve been turning the place inside out

Remember that summer we worked down at Al’s
And played ball with those guys from the mill
There’s a picture we took on the Fourth of July
I just wanted to see if we still looked the same

Have you been into Rico’s? Well everything’s changed
Not a trace of the old simple sins
Fraternity paddles all over the walls,
And a dollar a game on the pins

Remember that party when Bobby came back
After lasting a week on the coast
I just sat at the bar trying to soak it all in
And if I squinted real hard it almost looked the same

Look the same, yeah… Everybody that appeals to me
Is about a thousand miles from where he wants to be some day
Look the same, yeah… Every woman that I see downtown
Has a plastic smile on a hard-luck frown

And it’s Saturday morning with Friday to blame
When I think of that old campus crowd
I get down the bourbon, and put on some tunes
And the neighbors all say I’m too loud

But if nothing comes easy it comes just the same
And I hang on each word from the past
But if she were still here I’d be rolling again
And I’d know that the first and the last would look the same

Look the same, yeah...
Look the same, yeah...