From the recording LEFT IN THE WAKE


BABY'S COMIN' HOME / © 1975 James Barton
From the Left In The Wake CD

Jason was a loser
He didn’t know where to turn
His woman went away on a southbound train
Never to return
Stumbling through the badlands
He fell down on his knees
And God Almighty, in a flash of light
Sent the word in a prophecy

It said pull down the shade
Turn down the light
Something happenin’
It happenin’ tonight
Turn down the bed
Turn off the phone
Turn up the radio
Baby’s comin’ home

Everybody knew Amos
They called him down and out
The man got drunk and it was time to go
When he began to shout
He fell into a phone booth
Looking for a dime
And written on the wall in a fancy scrawl
Was a genuine biblical sign

It read pull down the shade…

Everybody look away when you ask them where they went on Sunday
Everybody got a bible stacked away in the back of the room
Don’t be ashamed, there’s a miracle every day
And you don’t need a preacher just to teach you what it’s all about

‘Cause you can pull down the shade…