From the recording LEFT IN THE WAKE


LET'S TAKE A WEEKEND / © 1973 Mark Hamby
From the "Left In The Wake" CD

Let’s take a weekend, go to the country
Lay down our arms and sit quietly
Don’t bring your books we’ll talk
As soon as we’re ready

When we were younger, days ran like water
We couldn’t hear each wave break and die
Now they come crashing down, I find myself counting

Still I’d cry away my love
If you should leave with time remaining
Still I’d cry away my love
Just like a kid without explaining
‘Cause I still want you, I still want you

Let’s take a summer, go to the mountains
Just like we swore we would years ago
Now that the kids are gone
I think we should keep it

Still I’d cry away my love……

Of all the ladies, oh the ladies
How fragile is their spell
They match your looks but not your gaze
That holds me captive
I watch the ladies, oh the ladies
How agile is their step
They match your moves but not your grace
That flows around me endlessly

Let’s take our fortune, live in the islands
Sail up the coast and drift aimlessly
Take in our tired sail
And look at the sunset

Now that we’re older, days move like winter
Frozen in place but still slipping by
We should be on our way
Instead of just waiting

Still I’d cry away my love…… of all the ladies