From the recording DOWN AT DELMONICO'S


THE RIGHT THING / © Mark Hamby
From the Down at Delmonico’s CD

I’ve been out looking at our front yard
A mass of flowers ‘round a deep greensward
That invisible fence to convince old Yeller to just stay home

Don’t her roses look grand this year
The right balance of rain and sun here
It helped to trim that hedge last spring
Just seemed like the right thing to do

I used to ride all these county roads
Checking out the paint job on each barn door
Every mile a story tucked away in my mind’s eye

Now working hard ain’t really all that hard
It’s just the time away from your own yard
A chain of years running through that ring
But it seemed like the right thing to do

The right thing, the little thing
The old thing, or the latest thing
You’ll never show for sure ‘til they finally come haul you away

Went to a barber when I was young
He must have died ‘bout 1991
Not much reason to look around for a new cut man

Kept our place and the kids stayed close
Come around on Sunday for pot roast
Kind of wonder at the songs they sing
Still it seems like the right thing to do

The right thing to do
The right thing