From the recording DOWN AT DELMONICO'S


COUNTY LINE ROAD / © 2014 James Barton
from the Down At Delmonico’s CD

We worked this road all summer
Just a bunch of kids
'Cause no one else was fool enough
To do the job we did
Blacktop steamed below us
Beneath the boiling pot
Eight hours gone, head back home
And give just what we got

Two lanes wide, straight as a string
Old black crow, with a bastard wing
Runs due east, runs due west
County Line Road, don't get no rest, no rest

Southern boys were tougher
Than north of County Line
Cautionary fairy tales
Were never paid no mind
We were...too young to stop
Old enough to know better
One eye locked on the yellow line
One down a rich girl's sweater

Two lanes wide…
Never quite a highway
Never just a street
Made all the girlfriends sigh
Made all the mothers weep

The old road still divides us
Out where our seeds were sown
A life's supply of by and by and
Tooth and nail and bone
Rolling west on County
When it's quiet hot and dark
To the right I hear her silent voice
To the left I hear my heart

Two lanes wide…