From the recording DOWN AT DELMONICO'S


WHEN I CAN / © Mark Hamby
From the Down at Delmonico’s CD

Got a little room above the bar
Where I play these sad old tunes
Got a couple girls who come around when they can
I get a little print in the local pages
And take a lot of shit from the sidewalk sages
Bum a couple drinks to pad my wages when I can

When I can, when I can
I ride the wide-eyed feeling of the power in my hands
When I can, when I can
I tell myself it’s good for me again

I’ve never been away from this old city
But I’m sure there’s something there
Never get the urge to move around when I can
I never seem to settle on one woman
Takes a lot of time to find a true one
I guess I’d rather spend it on a good song when I can

When I can, when I can ……..

I gotta meet a friend a little later
Gotta be in bed somewhere by dawn
Gotta live the light and dark they give me when I can
I coulda been a lot of things I’m certain
I know I’m still alive ‘cause it keeps on hurtin’
It’s tougher getting’ by but it sure beats workin’ when I can

When I can, when I can ……..