From the recording DOWN AT DELMONICO'S


DELMONICO'S / © Mark Hamby
From the Down at Delmonico’s CD

Down at Delmonico’s
They still kick around real good
About the boys who played so hard back in ‘52
Just sitting around the bar
And outside it’s cold as hell
And the stories that served so well for warming their hearts
Are warming those hungry hearts

Take it from me
That was a glory ride yeah
And take it from me
That was a storied time yeah
And take it from me
That was our last hurrah, a shooting star gone black
Take it from me.

And down at Delmonico’s
They got our moment framed and hung
Our faces raised, forever young
A ball in the air
And the prettiest girls in town
We won their hearts, they cheered us on
Now they sit in their booth and smile
Sipping their beers and tapping their nails to a song

Take it from me…….

We’re such a small town
And they were all down
They’d shout from the sidewalk
“We’ll never forget you”
We rode on the best cars
Sunday was all ours
But Monday lay so grey and quiet
We spread our wings but couldn’t fly at all

And down at Delmonico’s
We came of age and settled in
And the season that seemed so full got spread so thin
And now every Friday night
Especially when the new boys lose
You see our old cars parked outside We’re playin’ our games
We play ‘em all over again

Take it from me……