From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE / © 2021 James Barton
From the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

When worlds collide, it's a mighty force
Like a carnival ride on a crazy horse
When worlds collide, what is isn’t
And your distant past meets your birthday present

Surprise surprise, and how do you do
I’m the honored guest without a clue

But it’s a grand soiree, and a bold endeavor
When your next of kin greet your friends forever

A little white lie never hurt no one
Who knew treachery could be so much fun

Surprise surprise, you truly fooled me
Everybody knew except yours truly

So butter me up and call me a biscuit
If I blinked my eyes I probably’d missed it
I tell you from the heart, and bona fide
You caught a lucky break when your worlds collide