From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


TIME TO GO HOME / © 2021 James Barton
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

This could take years
Lucky I'm starting today
Down in the dust
With the boxes, barrels and rust
Where to begin?
I'm up to my ass in the past
Life a la carte
More than the sum of its parts
Moving day
Is months away
But this could take years

No mas, no more
It’s over senor
Win place or show
Gonna cash in my chips
I'm calling it quits
It's time to go home

You know me, perhaps?
The man who threw nothing away?
Kept what was mine
No way I could leave it behind
Year after year
Decisions got knotty and tight
Cull back the herd
Or toss 'em all out on the curb
And here I sit
With my catchers mitt
This could take years

Enough is enough
I'm calling your bluff
Leave the trombone
Down on the floor
Hard to ignore
Do not disturb
It’s time to go home

Never gone all that far
Never done all that much
Never whispered Eureka
Or some such and such

Another day
I’d be so far out of town
Hands on the wheel
A crack in my dirty windshield
The sun in my face
The wind from my passenger side
Mile after mile
Don’t touch that radio dial
‘Cause there’s an even chance
Back at the ranch
Says this could take years

Highways and roads
Counties and codes
Which way to go
That house on the hill
Waits for me still
It's time to go home