From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


LET'S GO BACK / © 2021 James Barton
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

Before all this
And before all that
We'd put on the dog
And put out the cat
Before the sun did set
And the moon did rise
And the stars did fall
Before our very eyes
OOO, let's go back

Before the clock ran out
And the day grew dim
Before they made the call
To our next of kin
Before your hair turned silver
And mine went grey
Before we waved goodbye
And flew away
OOO, let's go back
OOO, let's go back

For another ride
From the get go
Sitting side-by-side
Never let go

Before the kids got grown
Before they started dating
Before we lost our looks
Before they started fading
Before we stopped our struggle
And overreaching
Before I got my raise
And you quit teaching
OOO, let's go back

To our little room
At The Precious Few
With the gondoliers
And the pretty view
We'd drink their wine
'Til we got too loud
You'd hold my gaze
'Til the sun went down
OOO, let's go back
OOO, let's go back

Tell me what I say
We were grounded
When we lost our way
And where we found it

Before I knew you
Before you knew me
Before this mighty maple
Was a tiny seed
That your Daddy planted
On his Grandma’s lawn
Before the good old days
Were good and gone
OOO, let's go back
OOO, let's go back

Down the rabbit hole
Sing an old song
If you don't get lost
You're doing it wrong