From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


CONVERSATION / © 2020 Mark Hamby
From the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

Play the one about the French girl waiting for a taxi
So she wasn't French, still a damned good tune
All that money in a memory wrapped around a bass line
Never paid on time, always gone too soon

We fold our paper airplanes and throw ‘em in the ocean
They sail a little ways, then they’re swallowed up
See a man about a man who’s looking for a good man
Leave another call, never followed up

There’s a first time for everything, but it doesn’t have to be tonight
We’ve been doing alright living without it
There’s a wind on the water saying change is the change in sight
And we’ll be up all night dreaming about it.

The summer might be over, but it’s kind of hard to tell out here
A different shade of blue, then the Christmas lights
Let’s make our peace with the banker and find another place up north
Put some distance there, watch the world turn white

You want another Manhattan or a little bit of chocolate
It’s a simple choice, buy another day
Could you kick a little sand around the fire before you come upstairs
It’ll just burn out, it’ll be OK

There’s a first time for everything…

They say the color deepens just before the snow flies
To a blood-red-orange, only stronger
Leave the keys on the mantle, don’t forget the paper
We’ll be gone a while, maybe longer