From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


BLACK-EYED SUSAN / © 2004 Billy Panda–Junior Burke
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

There’s a train outside your window
But you don’t live by the tracks
The birds flew south this summer
And they won’t be flying back
Now you’re at your kitchen table
Fightin’ hard but losin’ ground
With shadows and memories dancin’ all around

If you love Black-eyed Susan
There’s a price you must pay
But you love Black-eyed Susan anyway.

She’s nobody’s daughter
Can’t be claimed by anyone
Her smile is straight from Venus
But it kisses you like the sun
And every day you’re with her
You forget all about the past
And every night seems stronger than the last

If you love Black-eyed Susan…

She will say she’ll stay forever
She will tell you you’re the first
She’ll promise you water from heaven’s well
While you’re dying there of thirst
And if you should cry for mercy
She might throw you a bone or two
‘Til she’s certain you need her much more than she needs you

If you love Black-eyed Susan…