From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


SOMEONE LIKE YOU / © 2021 James Barton & Billy Panda
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

There’s a face you see when you’re dreaming
There’s a song you sing in your sleep
There’s a hand you hold when you’re sinking too deep
She’s a face behind a window
A picture in the paper
The only one in a million

I never knew
I never heard of
Someone like you
Someone I could love
I don’t know how
I could imagine
Anyone who’s someone like you

If you turn around you can see her
On the other side of the street
She’s the one you’re wishing and hoping you could meet
You can almost hear her laughter
Just around the corner
Soft and low, like a love song

I never knew…

There’s a face I see when I’m dreaming
But it’s just too good to be true
‘Cause it’s just the face of a stranger, never you
‘Cause a dream is just a picture
A face outside my window
But you’re with me in the morning

I never knew…