From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


FADED IN THE GLOAM / © 2021 James Barton
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

I never wrote your birthday song
In 1983
The celebration went so long
Just wasn't meant to be
I know it tip-toed through my head
The day we brought you home
Then with a sigh your lullaby
Faded in the gloam

To the twilight it returns
Before the streetlights start to burn

It never stays away too long
We’re never far apart
Though it travels far away
It’s always in my heart
It comes to visit off and on
With airs of indigo
But just before I get the tune
It fades into the gloam

Before the whippoorwills appear
Through the window you can hear

Yesterday I watched the sun
Slip down beyond the shore
Out of the blue I pictured you
Like so many times before
The stars were almost in the sky
The moon was still below
And you and I were standing there
Together in the gloam

I caught my breath and then I knew
All along the song was you

So every evening listen close
For old forgotten quotes
Check your pockets, search your dreams
For quickly scribbled notes
Keep them in a secret place
That's yours and yours alone
They'll visit long enough before
They’ve faded in the gloam