From the recording BOXES, BARRELS & RUST


DRY AS A MAN CAN BE / © 2020 Mark Hamby
from the Boxes, Barrels & Rust CD

Day broke in like a backdoor thief
Cut the screen with a frozen leaf
Felt that moment of sheer relief
Waking from a jumbled dream
Pretty faces and silver spoons
A little rhyme from a children’s tune
Sad goodbye to another June
Summer running out of steam

About as dry as a man can be
Out in the middle of a deep blue sea
Hold your horses or set ‘em free
It’ll never be the way it was

Look around any old town
Some are up and some are down
Give ‘em time and they’ll come around
At least that must be the plan
Take your pleasure and eat your kill
Push away when you’ve had your fill
Squeeze a dime from a dollar bill
Markers of a winning hand

About as dry as a man can be.......

There’s a big rock in the middle
A hard place at the end
You can play it straight or you can make it bend
There's an old Ford in the driveway Leaves piled ‘round the lawn
You can make it right or you can take it wrong

The moon’s come up like a big old peach
A little bit fuzzy and out of reach
A man can’t learn what the world won’t teach
Sittin’ on his own front porch
So come around if you get some time
I'm usually up about half past nine
You’re the circle and I’m the line
Dragging that same old torch

About as dry as a man can be...