1. GWIN (Hamby)

From the recording TORNADO


GWIN / © 1976 Mark Hamby
From the Tornado CD

Young as we are, wish on a star
Can’t take you far without me
Lovers of old, dangers untold
Lancelot’s gold forsaken

Gwin, you’re my lady, stay by me
I’ll be your champion, wait and see
Gwin, we’ll be lovers, safe and free
When we’re older someday,
Gwin, if you’ll stay by me

Be on your guard
they’ll make it hard
But we’re not pretending
Love carries us back
Guinevere’s pact
Love never-ending

Gwin, you’re my lady...

And I dreamed we rode our magic horse into the sunset
His great wings lined with golden
As the people strained their eyes we flew away forever
Our mountain castle waiting somewhere
See how I care for you

Young as we are… (Be on your guard)
Wish on a star… (They’ll make it hard)
Can’t take you far… (But we’re not pretending)
Lovers of old… (Carries us back)
Dangers untold… (Guinevere’s pact)
Lancelot’s gold… (love is forsaken)

Gwin, you’re my lady...