From the recording TORNADO


MIDNIGHT MADNESS / © 1976 Mark Hamby
From the Tornado CD

Midnight madness came on us fast
All those sweet dreams just couldn’t last
Distant flashes were all the warning we had

Midnight madness shook us awake
All those sweet dreams were on the take
We got scattered, and all that morning was bad

I got a ride with a lady in green
We got lost, I got lucky
A pastoral scene for our love nest
Rolling in clover so thoughtless
Waving our shirts in the wind

Midnight madness blows hot and cold
Fill your glass while you’re still on hold
It’s a whirlwind just waiting there in the sky

I got a ride with a lady in green...

The lady lies there covered and sleeping
And I can’t guess the secrets she’s keeping
She’s on the other side, walking on air
I tried to save her myself

But this is just a wayside for strangers
Until we leave our hearts are in danger
Someday we’ll meet again, she’ll tell me everything
I may be ready then, lend her the rest of my time

I got a ride with a lady in green...

Midnight madness is all the rage
Bring a note if you’re under age
Get your sea legs and kiss the family goodbye