INNOCENCE / © 1972 Albert Melshenker and Steve Cowan
From The Ship: A Contemporary Folk Music Journey CD

You set your course to leave
You’ve touched upon a brand new day
You plan what happens next
But it’s the ship that carries you away
The minutes match the years
You can’t expect a change
Until you set the sails
Until you realize your innocence

Hey, for the younger days
When the circus came to town
You spent your afternoons
Fascinated by the clown
Your circus days are gone
You should have known it then
You traded youth away
At a bargain for your innocence

The days to follow bring
The morning rain, a moment’s warm
Know your uncertain voyage
Will lead you straight into the storm
The sky will break away
The sea has cast you off
You stand there naked in
The final measure of your innocence