CROSSROADS / © 1972 Albert Melshenker
From the One More Night Like This CD

Susan, I said, and she turned in the bed
To see what I had to say
It looks like we’re on our way to Colorado
Before I could stand she took hold of my hand
Shook the sleep from her eyes
You tell me such beautiful lies, I almost believe them

But don’t you know we started out this way before
We packed our bags but never made it past the door
And then she gently lays my head back on the pillow

It always seems strange that the dream hasn’t changed
The first time I saw her face
She smiled with just a trace of yesterday sorrow
I promised the sun and I promised the sun
But she said that she just didn’t care
The things that we have to share don’t lie in tomorrow

You city lights, did you really think I’d forget her?
You golden lights, you don’t make things any better
And I don’t think there’d be much use in trying

You don’t really know what you’ve got till it’s gone
I couldn’t really kill her with kindness
Guess she just got tired of my best

Alibis turn to lies
When you’ve nothing else to say
You call it a holiday, but who are you fooling?
The empty bed and the pain in your head
Seem to be one and the same
You try not to call out her name, but you don’t have to say it

I would take a walk, but then what good would it do?
When all of these roads would only lead back to you
And we were strangers at the crossroads going nowhere